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I am Vincent Hardy. I live in San Diego, California. I have lived for 22 years. This started out as a kind of journal and was created in an effort to express myself in a more complex way. I'm a nerdfighting vegetarian and I like friends, music, reading, film, dogs, exercise, snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, and many more things. Ask me something!

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A clock which requires time be sought out rather than have it as a constant reminder of its passing. Only when approached front-on does the clock allow for the transparency to read time. Viewed from any other angle it disguises itself as a discreet wall object. Time is a marriage of classic analogue time-keeping and modern nano technology. Using a special film which gives a cloudy, translucent appearance when seen from an oblique angle, the time is fully revealed with clarity when directly in front of the object. by Studio Like This

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