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I am Vincent Hardy. I live in San Diego, California. I have lived for 22 years. This started out as a kind of journal and was created in an effort to express myself in a more complex way. I'm a nerdfighting vegetarian and I like friends, music, reading, film, dogs, exercise, snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, and many more things. Ask me something!

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Sometimes feels

posses me so that I this desire to tell all of the people I care about that they mean the world to me and I am thankful they are part of my life. Sometimes a book causes these feelings. Sometimes a movie causes these feelings. Sometimes a quote causes these feelings. No matter the reason for this emotional grenade teaming with love that people are unprepared to shelter themselves from, it puts me in a quite unstable state and I feel like I am going to explode. It takes a lot of self control and displacement techniques in order to refrain from messaging, texting, or calling these people because I know if I did they wouldn’t understand because they aren’t in the same emotional state as I am. A lot of the times I try to get my friends to read the book or watch the movie that sent me to this emotional place, but unfortunately the majority of the time the book doesn’t get read or the movie goes unwatched and even if they do it is not the same because I interfered. What was I expecting? What do I expect to get from them being put into this state? Maybe I want someone else to just be with me in that way, unstable that is.